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MBA Australia – Overview

The MBA Australia has been designed for people who want to learn about business and management across many different disciplines. The Australian MBA has developed with a focus on the practical application of study and this has made the degree highly prized locally, in the Asia-Pacific region, and internationally.

Although there are variations among the many MBA courses on offer, the Australian Master of Business Administration programs can be characterised as providing:

  • Business schools that have introduced and emphasise courses that offer basic skills and tools necessary for problem solving in the business environment
  • A wide range of theoretical approaches including economics, measurement, governance, psychology, human behaviour, and leadership
  • The ability for students to integrate their learning and apply multiple disciplines in their employment or business situation
  • The opportunity to explore courses outside the main business programs such as microeconomics, competitive dynamics, and statistics
  • A differentiated MBA product so that every employment and business requirement can be catered for.

All business schools in Australia work closely with business, industry, and government, and consult with current, past, and prospective students, to make sure they offer a curriculum that is both relevant and useful. Search this guide for an idea about the wide range of MBA programs available and find the ones that match your own particular set of requirements.

Check out the available MBA programs at the following links:

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