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Broaden your managerial skills to prepare for senior management roles.

In today’s business world, the demands of management require you to have an increasing range of skills in all facets of business. Graduate training in management and business administration can complement and enhance the skills you have gained in the workplace, or add value to existing qualifications—fast tracking your career ambitions.

USC’s business administration programs offer you innovative and flexible approaches to learning, including the opportunity to study online. Courses explore current business issues and offer you network-building opportunities. You learn to integrate knowledge and skills across functions and disciplines, and focus on the application of theory and execution of practice.

The 4-course Graduate Certificate in Business Administration introduces you to fundamental areas of business administration. Courses cover the key functional areas of an organisation and provide you with knowledge and skills in the key discipline areas. It is also a entry pathway if you wish to complete the Graduate Diploma in Business Administration but do not hold a bachelors degree.

The 8-course Graduate Diploma builds on the Graduate Certificate and articulates into the Master of Business Administration. In the Graduate Diploma, you extend the skill-focused study and practical work to develop your professional understanding and problem-solving abilities. Depending on your interests, you can choose to study courses in decision-making, economics, marketing, management, law, ethics or informatics.

The suite culminates in the 12-course MBA, which is now the international standard for graduate business qualifications. As an MBA student, you develop managerial skills in critical thinking and research and analysis through individual and team-based work. You complete six required courses covering the fundamental areas of business administration and choose six elective courses, which allow you to focus on specific interest areas.

For added flexibility, if you enrol in the Graduate Diploma you may choose to exit after completing the first four courses with the Graduate Certificate and achieve a recognised qualification. Similarly, if you enrol in the masters program, you may choose to exit after completing the first eight courses and gain the Graduate Diploma. Subject to certain time conditions, you can return to upgrade your qualification later.

18 months
February, July
Indicative Fee
12 courses (144 Subjects):
• 6 compulsory courses
• 6 elective courses
Study Mode
On-Campus, Online
On-Campus: Sunshine Coast, Queensland and anywhere in Australia via distance
Entry Requirements
Candidates must:
• possess an undergraduate degree from a recognised higher education institution or equivalent
• have at least two years relevant full-time equivalent work or other relevant experience; and
• candidates whose first language is other than English must demonstrate an appropriate level of English proficiency. Refer to the English language requirements
• Applicants who do not possess an undergraduate degree but have at least 3 years' relevant full-time equivalent work or other relevant experience may be admitted to the qualifying Graduate Certificate in Business Administration
• Successful completion of the Graduate Certificate in Business Administration will qualify the candidate for entry into the MBA for completion of the remaining courses.
University of the Sunshine Coast MBA
*fee is indicitive only check with provider for latest fee schedule (34514)

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