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Australian MBA Fees & Costs

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The Australia MBA programs on offer come with a wide variety of fees.

There are many reasons for this including the most basic one that what is being offered is not the same in each case. For example, there might be differences in duration or facilities and materials that account for part of the difference in the total fee. It is therefore important to consider what is being offered for the fee rather than just the fee itself.

This list shows the latest fees for 2014. The fees for 2015 Australian MBA programs will differ from those currently displayed.

Disclaimer Notice:

These fees are presented as a general guide only and no warranty is provided regarding their accuracy.

You must check with the relevant institution to obtain the current fee structure regarding the program in which you are interested

Also note, the fees listed are not comparing the same things. The differences may be partly due to:

  • Programs running for different lengths of time (from 1 year to 2 years full time)
  • Programs having different sets of infrastructure and overhead costs (with online programs having lower costs than those held in the major cities)
  • Programs offering different levels of contact with some programs having intensive residentials and others based around the students being required to undertake a greater amount of private study.

The fees are therefore presented only out of interest as a general guide to what it would cost to obtain the particular qualification. It is up to the student to explore exactly what it is that they will be paying for and whether or not this represents value for money in both an absolute and a relative sense.

Note: Fees are listed in Australian Dollars (AUD$). Fees might not be accurate. You must check fees with the program providers.

Central Queensland University$17,940
University of Newcastle$21,653
Southern Cross University$23,400
University of New England$24,192
Flinders University$25,254
University of Canberra$26,385
Curtin University$29,200
University of the Sunshine Coast$29,520
Edith Cowan University$30,000
Swinburne University of Technology$30,000
University of Adelaide$30,500
Victoria University$30,535
Murdoch University$31,440
Australian Catholic University$31,500
Deakin University$33,315
University of Wollongong$34,992
University of South Australia$36,000
University of Western Sydney$39,660
Griffith University$41,520
QUT Business School$44,700
La Trobe University$45,000
University of Western Australia$45,600
Bond University$47,676
University of Queensland$48,252
University of Technology Sydney$48,864
Australian National University$49,492
RMIT University$55,680
University of Sydney$60,000
Monash University$61,260
Macquarie University (MGSM)$62,080
University of NSW (AGSM)$71,040
University of Melbourne (MBS)$75,000

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